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Thursday, October 22, 2015
Speedway Club
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Concord, North Carolina

NCBLN Fall Conference Program!
“My Disability Is One Part of Who I Am”


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the NCBLN Fall Conference Thursday, October 22 in Charlotte at the Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you’ve never been there, you’re in for a treat! Really nice meeting accommodations and lunch overlooking the race track, and easy parking. Registration will open at 9:00 AM and the meeting will start at 10:00 and go to approximately 3:30 pm. Directions to Charlotte Motor Speedway are attached. This conference is being co-sponsored by the NCBLN and Charlotte Works.


The conference program is really strong, just see below. There is a registration fee of $95.00 per person (except for speakers and sponsor companies depending on their sponsorship level).  The registration fee covers the meeting expenses, including breaks and lunch. Lunch is a plated meal with chicken piccata. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.


You may pay by check payable to NCBLN, 13000 S. Tryon Street, Suite F, PMB, Charlotte, NC 28278. Receipts will be provided upon request. We will also send you an invoice if you would like. Just let us know by return email to ncbln1@aol.com.


You may also pay by credit card on our website at www.ncbln.org and then hit "Pay Here." Follow the prompts to pay. Enter dollars and cents as 95.00 and complete the security question which is to restate the code you see in a box on the payment page. You will need the zip code of where the bill for your credit card is mailed. You may also pay the day of the conference at registration.


This is a great conference with a lot of great companies presenting on what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, in the entire area of having people with disabilities on their workforce. Come join us, and tell others about the conference. Feel free to pass this along to others, especially companies and businesses that you know or work with.


PDF Version          Directions to the Speedway


Thursday, October 22, 2015
Speedway Club
Charlotte Motor Speedway | Concord, North Carolina

“My Disability Is One Part of Who I Am”


10:00 AM   “Welcome & Opening Comments”
Tim Newman, Business Development Manager, MSS Solutions LLC & 2015 NCBLN President


10:10 AM   Great Wolf Lodge - “Inclusion: Bringing Employees with Disabilities Completely into the Company Workforce;”
Robin Thornton, Director of Employee Relations, Great Wolf Lodge & Director, Charlotte Works

Businesses like the Great Wolf Lodge have been successful in finding and hiring people with disabilities. But few have been as successful in totally integrating these talented people into their total workforce. Where accommodations have been needed; Great Wolf Lodge has made them; where day-to-day interaction with all employees has been needed; they’ve done it. This is where and how the total contributions of people with disabilities to the overall organization come into play. This presentation will tell how they did it; and how they continue to do it; and most importantly, the corporate commitment to making sure it it’s accomplished.


10:40 AM   NCATP - “Bringing Technology into the Workplace to Release the Productive Talents of People with Disabilities”
Tammy Pereboom, North Carolina Assistive Technology Program

What is often a minor accommodation aided by technology can bring a very talented person into your workforce for little or no cost. But what about the cost of not having that talented person you desperately need in your company? The NCATP program is a free, assistance-focused program available across the State that you may not know about. You’ll know a whole lot more about it after this program and what they have to offer to your business after this presentation, as well as their live, interactive displays that will be available to you to “test drive” throughout the day.


11:10 AM                               (Break)


11:30 AM   E&Y - “Affinity Programs: How to Succeed”
Amanda Paugh & Tori Benitez, Enterprise Support Services, E&Y

Employee Affinity Programs are valuable tools to helping a company engage with and assist their employees in many different ways. And most of these programs are along traditional lines of race, gender or collective group status. So, how do you start one and how do you manage it going forward? But more importantly, how do you manage an Affinity Program for people with disabilities that cuts across and encompasses all of the other Affinity Programs in so many different ways? Come hear how E&Y has successfully done it.


12:00 PM   MetLife - “Mentoring Programs Unlock the Talent You’re Looking For”
Donna Taylor, Total Loss Central-Supervisor & MetLife DiverseAbilities Charlotte Chair, MetLife, moderated by Steve Labour, President & CEO, workABILITY 360, Inc.

Learn how hosting a Career Mentoring Day (CMD) can provide your company an opportunity to better understand the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities. This panel will provide practical information on how to plan and execute a successful CMD utilizing your own employees as mentors. Representatives from MetLife will share their experience in having hosted two successful CMDs.


12:30 PM                                (Lunch Break)


1:00 PM     CanTeen/Compass Group - "Developing Apprenticeships for Young Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities: Hear What Canteen/Compass Group is Doing with Business ACTS"
Scott Denhard, Regional Vice President, Canteen/Compass Group; Introduction by Patricia K. Keul, CEO & Founder, Business ACTs & Employment Consultant.

This presentation will feature the apprenticeship program that Canteen/Compass Group is hosting in partnership with Business ACTS and the NCBLN. The Canteen/Business ACTS program is developing the first apprenticeship program for young adults with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) in Charlotte NC. Canteen is one of the family of companies operated by Compass Group.  Compass Group operates separate companies dedicated to a particular line of business, each with its own personality, style and diverse workforce. Compass Group North America is the national leader in foodservice management and support services.


1:30 PM     Duke Energy - “Employer of the Year: Duke Energy” 
LaTonya King, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of the corporations in North Carolina leading the way in diversity and inclusion. So why have they done it? What’s the motivation; the benefit to Duke Energy and its corporate culture? Well, with this opportunity when the NCBLN is honoring them for their efforts and successes, this is a great time to tell the rest of the business community about what they’ve done; how they’ve done it; and why and how it’s paying benefits.


2:00 PM                                  (Break)


2:20 PM     Smokey Mountain MCO_-_“How Businesses Can Benefit from Working with their Local MCO”
Bradford Owen, Director of Specialized Community Transitions, Smoky Mountain LME/MCO & Patricia K. Keul, CEO & Founder, Business ACTS & Employment Consultant

In this presentation, businesses will learn about the Supported Employment & Enterprise Development program (SEED) and how it is partnering with the NCBLN to foster greater collaboration with employment services in western NC.  The SEED program is a collaborative project developed and implemented by Smoky LME/MCO, and employment consultant,  Patricia K. Keul;  in partnership with the North Carolina Business Leadership Network (NCBLN). Through the SEED program the leadership and staff of Smoky LME/MCO are developing  a comprehensive plan that will be implemented through a combination of direct training, mentor training, virtual learning communities and traditional, face to face training and technical support. 


2:50 PM     Advocates - “The Challenges Facing People with Disabilities that are Looking for a Career” 
Brandon Matthews, Advocations; John Kirkland, Cypress Gardens, Zukia Lusk, Carriage Club & Adonis Brown. Moderator Ron Reeve, Chair NCCDD & NCBLN Board Member

Businesses that want to hire talented people with disabilities have challenges in accomplishing that; so do people with disabilities that want to go to work and find a career. If businesses know and understand the other side of that coin, they can be more accommodating and therefore more successful in their search for talent. These three talented people have navigated the process successfully. Come hear what they think is needed to help others successfully get to work and start that career that all seek.


3:20 PM     “Closing Comments”
Tim Newman, Business Development Manager, MSS Solutions LLC & 2015 NCBLN President


Thank You for Attending

North Carolina Business Leadership Network (NCBLN)
13000 S. Tryon Street, Suite F, PMB 318
Charlotte, NC 28278
Phone: 704-588-4226
Email: ncbln1@aol.com
Website: ncbln.org


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