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Spring Conference - May 17

The NCBLN Statewide Spring Conference this year is set for The Kenan Center at the Kenan Flagler School of Business on the campus of UNC for Tuesday, May 17, 2016. The conference schedule and agenda with complete information is shown below. Please look it over and we think you will agree, this is a conference you don’t want to miss! The educational content is focused on companies and businesses, especially those that want to successfully hire people with disabilities, expand their vendor diversity by doing business with companies that are owned and operated by people with disabilities, and/or want to make their products and services more accessible to this multi-billion-dollar market. Agencies and service providers can also benefit from this conference, as you work with your business contacts in similar efforts. In fact, you should invite them to attend.


But the primary thing right now is to plan to attend, get it into your calendar, register by email ASAP, and share this with your friends, peers and other contacts!


NCBLN Statewide Spring Conference
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
(Agenda as of now; subject to change & additional presentations)

“Connecting the Dots: From Barriers to Employment”
The Kenan Center
UNC Chapel Hill Campus
Chapel Hill, NC


“Welcome from UNC & the Kenan Flagler Business School”
Lynne Brody, Assistant Dean of Human Resources, Kenan Flagler Business School

The Kenan Flagler Business School, as part of the overall UNC campus and the university system as a whole, is dedicated to educating people and preparing them for work, but also for life. That includes students with disabilities, but also preparing business leaders for hiring and successfully employing people with disabilities. How is this inclusive educational approach incorporated into a business curriculum? What can other businesses learn from the school and its approach?


“The Challenges Facing People with Disabilities that are Looking for a Career”

Panel moderated by Ron Reeve, Chair, NCCDD & 2016 President, NCBLN

Want to find out the challenges that people with disabilities have in looking for and securing a career? Not just a job; a career? Why not ask them. This will be a panel presentation and discussion with individuals that have or are still going this process and these challenges. For businesses, by listening to them, you can learn how to make your job search and hiring process for good talent more accessible.


“Mental Health & Substance Abuse as Disabilities as it Relates to Employment”

Disabilities, challenges come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Mental health and substance abuse disabilities and getting those folks into the workforce and a successful productive life don’t seem to be discussed and addressed as much as other forms of disability. It is a large population from every walk of life. We want to address that here at this conference for the benefit of companies all across the State. 


“Transitioning Financially from Benefits to Fully Paid Employment: Help for Businesses”
Leslie Karjanis & Lisa Oakley, NC Department of Health & Human Service, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

SSDI and other programs are great, important tools for people with disabilities to support themselves, to get training, use a job coach and many other important supports. But they can be limiting in how much a person can earn before losing these supports, thereby limiting them in reaching their maximum productivity, and most importantly, becoming independent and self-sufficient.


“Small Businesses Started by PwDs: How to Find Them”
Craig Lawrence, Small Business Specialist, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Companies, ever wrestle with your Vendor Diversity Programs in finding qualified businesses to do and bid on jobs for you? Did you know that businesses owned and operated by people with disabilities qualify and can expand your list of diversity vendors to pursue? While some people with disabilities have gone out on their own to start a business, it’s not always an easy task. Well, the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services has a designated staff liaison to assist individuals and the regional VR offices across the State do just that…support them in starting their own businesses. This presentation will be by the State specialist in VR that oversees these efforts Statewide.


“Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: An Emerging Model on College Campuses that offers Training and Employment Experience”
Deborah Zuver, Director of Advocacy Initiatives, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, UNC Chapel Hill & Kenneth Kelty, LEND Trainee in Advocacy, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, UNC Chapel Hill

Employment is a primary focus of newly emerging inclusive college opportunities for students with IDD. Participants have work/study, internships, and part-time positions as part of their college program so that they gain solid experience. Many have secured a job by the time they complete the program. Deb Zuver facilitates the NC Postsecondary Education Alliance, a stakeholder group based at UNC to expand options across the state. Co-presenter Kenneth Kelty graduated from Western Carolina’s University Participant (UP) program and works part-time as an administrative assistant. He is currently completing the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program as a trainee representing the field of advocacy. He will offer examples of how he prepared for successful employment while at Western.


“Smoky Mountain LME/MCO-How Businesses Can Benefit from Working with their Local MCO”
Bradford Owen, Smoky Mountain LME/MCO (tentative)

In this presentation, businesses will learn about the Supported Employment & Enterprise Development program (SEED) and how it is partnering with the NCBLN to foster greater collaboration with employment services in western NC. Through the SEED program the leadership and staff of Smoky LME/MCO are developing a comprehensive plan that will be implemented through a combination of direct training, mentor training, virtual learning communities and traditional, face to face training and technical support.


 “NCBLN Employer of the Year: Eaton Corporation”
Alissa Malli & Danielle Check-Smith, Eaton Corporation, Power Quality Division

Eaton Corporation is one of the many companies in North Carolina leading the way in diversity and inclusion. So why have they done it? What’s the motivation; what has been the benefit to Eaton and its corporate culture? With this presentation of the NCBLN Spring Conference Employer of the Year we will be honoring them for their efforts and successes, and will ask them to tell the rest of the business community about what they’ve done; how they’ve done it; and why and how it’s paying benefits.



9:00 AM – Onsite registration opens
10:00 AM – Conference begins (including lunch)
3:00 PM – Conference ends


Directions & Parking:

The McColl Building, home of UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School, and Kenan Center, home of the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, are located adjacent to one another on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. For parking, the Center is holding 70 spaces in the surface visitor parking lot and 30 in the BD Deck for NCBLN Conference attendees that day. Koury Auditorium is part of the McColl Building. 


For directions, a Google map and more information simply go to: http://www.kenan-flagler.unc.edu/about/campus/maps#fromeast




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