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The NCBLN Going Forward

Our key focus is developing and delivering information and resources to businesses that are, or want to, go down the path of hiring people with disabilities, expanding their market share in this demographic, and increasing their vendor diversity by doing business with companies owned and operated by people with disabilities. We are working right now on information and resources in all three of those areas, plus how to set a “top-down” commitment to pursuing some or all of these initiatives by a business. This will include links to other resources that a business might need, such as: making accommodations, transportation, finding potential employees, life services, and much more.

Our website is up at www.ncbln.org and ready for you to use. The site contains information about the NCBLN, including membership and sponsorship applications. Our upcoming events are posted, along with write-ups on our past major events. This website, plus email, will carry most of our information and communications going forward. What’s up is just a beginning, we’re currently working with the IT staff at Bank of America to turn this into a vigorous platform that will become a wonderful tool for you to use.

Another area of continuous focus will be communications and outreach to audiences that might not know about the NCBLN, or the availability of talent, opportunities and resources people with disabilities have available for businesses. We accomplished a lot last year with nine major presentations and events across the region. One of the largest was our own annual conference for “Disability Employment Awareness Month” attended by more than 100 people from across the State.

Our goals for the coming year in this area are ambitious. We have several invitations to make presentations pending. This includes two major national and regional conferences scheduled for Charlotte. We could sure use your help in finding and sending opportunities to make presentations to us during the year. Plus, we want to be more involved with the USBLN, by participating more actively in their annual conference and their annual affiliate’s conference. We are already an affiliate, but want to link more closely with the national efforts.

We’re also switching to quarterly meetings for the Charlotte region for 2012 that will be “mini-conferences” in themselves, with significant subjects and presentations. The time, date and place for these meetings will be maintained on our website, though we hope to have a “standing meeting place” like other membership organizations.

While we started in the Charlotte region, using a cluster concept we would like to expand to other areas across the State. We’re looking at the Raleigh/Research Triangle area next and would love to get an active, participatory group going there in 2012. The concept is that while members in these regional clusters will all be members and sponsors of the statewide NCBLN, they will have their own quarterly meetings and conferences, and then participate in a single statewide annual conference. We will all have access to all information, resources and services across the NCBLN.

Lastly, we can only accomplish what we have the resources to do. We have to build membership and sponsorship support for the NCBLN in order to progress and grow. This will be a major focus for the near future. We’re off to a good start, but need everyone’s help. If you or someone you know, would like to help us in our efforts, please go to the membership and sponsorship applications on the website for more information.


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