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Took Kit Introduction

Welcome to this series of “Tool Kits” developed by the North Carolina Business Leadership Network (NCBLN). There are four kits, each on a different subject. The first one is “How to Create a Top-Down Approach and Embracement for Such a Corporate Initiative” and may be the most important of them all, because without a total, top-down approach to these initiatives, you are making success an elusive, if not impossible task. We highly recommend you start your study with this kit. The next three are: “How To Find and Hire Talent with Disabilities,” “How to Increase Market Share Within this Demographic” and “How to Increase Supplier Diversity by Contracting with Companies Owned and Operated by People with Disabilities.”


Each tool kit is written for the novice business person that wants to take their company, whether large or small, down any one or all three of these courses. But even though they are designed for the novice, all businesses, including those highly experienced in initiatives such as these, can probably benefit from them. The information is presented in a question-and-answer format, making it easy to find answers to your specific questions. The answers are written in an effort to put things “at your fingertips” and not requiring too many click-throughs or going back-and-forth on pages. They are also written to be helpful statewide, where ever a business is located. There is contact information listed for specific offices of various service providers across the State so you can go directly to the office located closest to you.


It is envisioned that these tool kits will consistently be a “work-in-progress,” and we will be adding, deleting and adjusting the information continuously to keep it up-to-date and accurate. We encourage all readers and users of these tool kits to provide us with any additions, deletions or corrections you may see. Send these to ncbln1@aol.com. We also solicit and welcome any new ideas, information, resources or leads that you might have. That’s what the NCBLN is really all about…sharing and helping each other and other businesses in these initiatives.


Lastly, we must tell you that we are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice. There are highly technical, legal and accounting issues involved here, and you are always encouraged to seek professional advice in all legal, accounting, hiring and regulatory compliance issues. The information and data published in these tool kits comes from many reliable sources, and we have taken great care to ascertain the accuracy of the information published herein, but the NCBLN and its hired administrator SALCO Consulting LLC disavow any liability for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors.


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